In 2013, Caetano joined some musicians from Juiz de Fora to set up his instrumental and authorial music group. The current lineup includes Guilherme Veroneze (piano), Gladston Vieira (drums) and Adalberto Silva (bass).


Caetano Brasil's inventiveness, based on contemporary choro, takes shape in the performance of his quartet. “Cartografias”, nominated in the category of Best Instrumental Album for the Latin Grammy 2020 is the second CD of the group.

Beside his group, in 2019, Caetano was awarded 1st place in the 18th Prêmio Nabor Pires Camargo (Indaiatuba / São Paulo State) and also as “Best Instrumentalist” of the 19th Prêmio BDMG Instrumental (Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais state - abbreviated as MG). Caetano Brasil & Grupo had already been one of the finalists of the 17th Prêmio BDMG Instrumental in 2017.

The band’s curriculum also includes participation in important festivals and events such as Inverno Cultural UFSJ (São João del Rei / MG), Projeto Arte Boa Praça in Miraí (MG),  Festival Fartura Gastronomia (Tiradentes / MG) and Festival Sessão Instrumental (Juiz de Fora / MG).

Guilherme Veroneze


Master in Music from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), he has developed research on piano in popular Brazilian music.

In 2017, he graduated in Music at the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (UFJF) and also has a piano and arrangement graduation at the Universidade de Música Popular (Bituca) de Barbacena (MG). The musician even works as  music producer in CD’s of artists from Minas Gerais as well as in the composition of soundtracks for cinema and theater.

Gladston Vieira


He is graduated at the Universidade de Música Popular (Bituca) de Barbacena (MG). Gladston has played with important groups and names in the music scene such as Lúdica Música, Marcio Hallack, Gilvan de Oliveira, Joãozinho da Percussão, Vander Lee, Tizumba, Elba Ramalho, Nailor Proveta, Tony Garrido and Samy Erick. In 2013, he participated in the Baymba Jazz Festival in Uganda (Africa) and Cape Town (South Africa). He also participates in the shows of Grupo Ponto de Partida and Meninos de Araçuaí. From 2018 onwards, he became part of Bituca's teaching staff.

Adalberto Silva

He is graduated at Universidade de Música Popular (Bituca) de Barbacena (MG). In Italy, he took classes with Marco Conti and, in Rio de Janeiro, with Adriano Giffoni.

Adalberto participated in the recording of CD's of several artists and in 2012, was part of the release tour of the CD "Pixuim", by guitarist Gilvan de Oliveira. He also made part of some DVD's of Lúdica Música, Darandinos and Uiara Legio.

For two years, he joined the Orchestra, Trio and Jazz Quintet of Pró-Música, led by conductor Sylvio Gomes. The musician also stands out as a music teacher in Juiz de Fora (MG).

Booking : +55 (32) 991270534

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