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Caetano Brasil is a multiple artist.

And one of the examples of this defining characteristic is the diversity of musical formats with which he acts, making music for audiences and varied spaces.

On this page, you will find three art formations available to be hired.

Caetano Brasil

Formation: quartet

Musicians: Caetano Brasil (clarinet and saxophone); Guilherme Veroneze (piano); Gladston Vieira (drums) and Adalberto Silva (double bass)

Caetano Brasil Tratadas (17).jpg

The quartet develops an extremely contemporary authorial repertoire by combining choro, a typically Brazilian genre, with jazz, oriental folk music, Latin rhythms and other cultures around the world.

 The concerts bring together compositions and arrangements, all signed by Caetano Brasil, which, at the same time, carry Brazilian sounds and also refer to other peoples.

The three albums released (Caetano Brasil of 2015; “Cartografias” from 2019 and “Pixinverso – infinito Pixinguinha” from 2022) were recorded by the quartet that adds some important awards:

     the nomination for the Latin Grammy 2020, in the category Best Instrumental Album, with the album “Cartografias;” 

     1st place in the XVIII Nabor Pires Camargo Instrumentista Award (Indaiatuba/SP), in 2019

     and the award for Best Instrumentist of the XIX BDMG Instrumental Award (Belo Horizonte/MG), also in 2019.


Formation: trio

Musicians: Caetano Brasil (clarinet); Bia Nascimento (guitar) and Chico Cabral (percussion)


Caetano Brasil & O Choro Livre is an experience in Brazilian music for those who want to transcend labels.

The main proposal is to explore Choro– as a repertoire as well as a language – in an unrestricted way,  bringing together classics, contemporaries and authors with that energy of the "rodas de choro"(choro gatherings), with a lot of improvisation and interpretations away from the common place.

Without losing sight of the fundamentals of tradition, the interpreters add to this musical language elements of jazz, MPB, funk, with the fearlessness of those who make music that comes from the heart and allows it to be transformed at all times.

The musicians bring an air of youth and rebellion to our everyday Choro, inviting listeners of all ages.


Formation: duo

Musicians: Caetano Brasil (clarinet and saxophone); Guilherme Veroneze (piano)


The duo presents a repertoire of versions of the great masters of choro such as Pixinguinha, Jacob do Mandolim and Radamés Gnattali, as well as authorial compositions by Caetano and other names of contemporary choro and also jazz.

Exploring the multiple creative possibilities that the combination of piano and clarinet allow, the duo's artistic proposal is to bring new sounds to choro and jazz, from a carefully selected repertoire and the musicians' own way of playing.

Consequently, the public has the opportunity to get in touch with an intimate instrumental presentation that is an invitation to know contemporary production and, at the same time, to revisit great names of choro and jazz.

Contact for shows

or contact us by email or phone:
Tel./whats: + 55 (32) 99127-0534

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